About My Weather Station

The Rain Bucket and Anemometer for my Radio Shack WX-200 are mounted on my roof using a short piece of pipe secured to the the facia board of one of the gables. View is to the Northeast with Echo Mountain (elev 3500 ft) in the background. Mr. Bill watches over the Station.
The Temperature and Humidity Sensor is mounted inside this home made Stevenson Screen. I made the Stevenson Screen with ten 10" plastic plant saucers with the centers cut out and stacked upside down. I used 4 pieces of #10 threaded rod and 1.25" nylon spacers to space the saucers evenly to allow ventilation. The top 2 saucers were left whole to provide insulation. Entire assembly was painted with semigloss white paint and then mounted on one of my Antenna Masts on the side of the house about 6 feet above the roofline.
The external sensors are wired to the WX-200 Console located on top of a bookcase in my Family Room. Current Readings and extremes are recorded here and can be viewed by pressing buttons on the console. Data is sent to a Personal Computer via the Serial Port located on the left side.

The PC records the data using a Software Program called FreeWX. The FreeWX Software records the current data and also archives the historical data month by month. The FreeWX Software also uploads, or FTP's, Data to a number of different Web Sites such as Weather Underground or WeatherForYou as well as my personal Web Site. The same PC also runs the VM95 Software for my WebCam mentioned below. As the name implies, the FreeWX Software is free and is available on the internet.

The Altadena WeatherCam is on the roof of my house near the Anemometer and Rain Bucket for my Radio Shack WX-200 Weather Station. I am located near the top of Lake Avenue at 1680' Above Sea Level. The camera is aimed North-Northeast. Echo Mountain is just right of center in this photo behind a Pine Tree. It is not visible in the WeatherCam Image.

The Solar Panels for my Solar Power Plant can be seen on the roof just below the Camera Housing.

The camera is an Olympus C-5050Z. It's a 5 Megapixel Digital Camera with a 3X Zoom. It is mounted in a Pelco Weatherproof Camera Housing. The Camera is connected to the PC using two 15 foot Active USB Extension cables along with the 3 foot Camera USB Cable.

The Camera is being controlled remotely by a program called VM95 by Erdman Video Systems. A new image is captured every 5 minutes and uploaded to my Web Site.

The External Power for the camera and the USB Extension cable are run from inside the garage through 3/4" LiquidTite Conduit into the Camera Housing.

Power to the Webcam, and the Computer that controls the camera and collects my Weather Data, is supplied by an APC XL1000 24Volt UPS. The UPS System uses two Marathon 90AmpereHour Sealed Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries in series. The two batteries on the left are for the UPS and the three batteries on the right are for my Solar Power Plant which supplies power for my Radio Equipment, including the Live Streaming NOAA Weather Radio .

The WX-200 Console, DSL Modem and Ethernet Switches in other parts of the house are powered by smaller UPS Systems. This arrangement provides Data and Image collection, processing and Internet Connectivity for a minimum of 2 hours in the event of a Commercial Power Failure.

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